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Charity or Philanthropy

A growing number of wealthy families consider getting involved in charity or philanthropy.
But finding a family office that is able to support you with this could be a challenge.

There are very few multi-family offices that have the in-house knowledge and experience to support philanthropic services. We developed our own Foundation in London, focusing on education and development of next generations.

The Emicapital Foundation

Emicapital is one of the very few (really a handful) of multi-family offices that have the specialist knowledge and in-house experience to maintain its own charitable foundation in which clients can participate. Based in London and Dubai, the Foundation deploys educational programs bridging knowledge from the Western World towards the Gulf area. As an example, we are supporting BAFTA (The British Academy for Films and Television Arts) to set-up a spinoff in Abu Dhabi whereby highly qualified professionals in acting, photography, directing etc. will be holding master classes sessions to local talented young students. Other areas of our activity concentrate on fine arts such as painting, sculpture and music. Please see www.emicapitalfoundation.org


Government Agreements

Charity and philanthropy are multinational by nature. This often requires multi-government agreements involving international institutions like FAO, UN, UNCHR as well. Operational challenges always arise as well. Emicapital has open doors in the UAE, which is a traditional base point for East Africa and Middle East charitable project. Again we focus on education but we may support families interested to explore this area.


Charity Management

Setting up a long-term philanthropic project such as an agricultural development in Africa, requires a completely different set of expertise to managing accounts at private banks or handling assets. Your family office will need to be able to support you with issues such as setting philanthropic objectives, formulating a giving strategy, technical advice, operational management and the presentation of initiatives. As we can well imagine, setting up a sizable, new philanthropic institution to which external parties may also donate in the future is a challenge that certainly needs professional support.


Emicapital in the News

From sponsoring BAFTA Film Gala 2016 to setting up the Emicapital Foundation as part of our commitment to education and cultural interchange - we are making headlines.

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News | February, 11 2016

The Emicapital Foundation is our corporate philanthropic arm, duly registered with the UK Charity commission in London.